Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics at the Future Fabrics Expo

Back in January we had the opportunity to attend the Future Fabrics Expo in London hosted by the Sustainable Angle. We attended to help us source fabrics for next year’s collection. While the sustainable fashion industry continues to grow, sourcing fabrics can still be a challenge, so this expo was a great resource for us.

This year, the Expo featured over 4,000 sustainable fabrics, so there was a wide range of textiles to sort through. The demand for this show was very high, it was a packed room with everyone itching to look through all of the racks. It’s obvious that this is a much needed resource for the industry and that the demand is there for this information and we need more shows like this. At larger trade shows, you can find mills that produce sustainable fabrics, but it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. This show is exclusively sustainable materials, so it eliminates a huge hurdle for companies like ours.

It was a great sense of excitement for our team seeing how many other people are interested in this movement from all around the world. We heard from other young women also sourcing for their startup in Norway.

We gained some valuable resources from our trip and we will be using this information to source for next year’s collection. Taking a trip to London is also a great source of inspiration. London offers a sense of freshness that invigorated us for the new season.

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