From Elliott: Designing the Estelle Top

The Estelle Top is special to me because it is the first garment that I designed for Elliott. I remember sitting at my desk, sketching on my croquis and this design came to me in an instant, what if I put a pocket on a shirt but it’s not just sewn on top, it is inset into the shirt? This stands out to me because usually when I design, it is a process of idea, edit, idea, edit, repeat. But with this top, it is essentially the same top as what I sketched that first day.

I started making muslins and sourcing fabrics. When I came across this Tencel, I was in love. It feels so smooth and beautiful and has a slight texture with flecks that subtly catch the light. Tencel is a beloved sustainable fabric because it has some of the qualities of silk, but is cooler and more breathable to wear.

I tested out a few different linings, a few different size ladder laces, and worked on fit. I have always been about simple silhouettes and this top is no exception, it is a boxier fit that feels effortless and feminine. The only final tweak that I made was to add a slit to the side so as to give the top a break and make sure it was not too overwhelming on anyone’s figure. And thus the Estelle top was born, without much fuss or fight. We love this top very much and hope that you love it too.


Shop the Estelle Top here.
You can read more about my design process here.

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